Akrodria synonym for quality!

Wholesale for Dry Nuts and Dried Fruits!

Nuts from our land!

A typical Greek nut production and processing industry

Global Shipping!

Supply stores nationwide with one phone call!
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    Akrodria synonym for quality!
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    Nuts from our land!
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    Global Shipping!

Products that do not exist anywhere else!

The best thing availabe in Greece at the moment within the wholesale business for nuts,
dried fruits and related categories. High quality, impeccable service and affordable prices.
The best possible choice to supply your store!

Akrodria Quality

makes the difference!

Quality Seal

Akrodrya" products are distinguished for their incomparable quality as a result of the purest production in the soils of the Greek land. At the same time, selected products from all over the world are chosen because they meet the strictest quality standards from their production, collection and transport to their processing and packaging.

Vision and Mission
To continue to offer the network of wholesale stores the same consistent quality of products and service, ensuring repeat sales from these points. At the same time, to expand the access of entrepreneurs in the sector to the best quality nuts, with the best prices on the market!
Shipping Nationwide
Akrodrya products are carefully packed and shipped daily, arriving in perfect condition to every corner of Greece. More than 1200 nut shops, from Rhodes and Crete, the Peloponnese, Athens to Alexandroupoli and Orestiada, trust Akrodrya every day.

Wholesale in all of Greece!

Daily deliveries with private vehicles throughout Northern Greece and nationwide shipments with agencies.
Partner Stores
"The word Akrodrya comes from the words Ακρον and δρις (oak extremity). In fact they constitute all those trees which are planted or cultivated after the oak zone, which is the lowest of the Saxon species."


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Akrodrya products reach every corner of Greece with a simple phone call!

The guaranteed quality, the wide variety of nuts and dried fruits, as well as the unbeatable prices, are what make the Akrodrya nuts industry first in trust and with a constantly growing network of customers throughout Greece.
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